Zico, a man who loves soccer, repays Japan

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Zico, a man who loves soccer, repays Japan


Zico, the coach of the Japanese national soccer team, was born Artur Antunes Coimbra in Brazil.

According to his autobiography, which was published by The Asahi Shimbun under the title "Jiko Jiden: Kamisama to Yobarete" (The autobiography of Zico: Being called god), it was his cousin Linda who gave him this nickname by which he is now known around the world.


 本名は、アルトゥール・アントゥネス・コインブラという。そのアルトゥールがアルトゥジーニョになり、アルトゥズィーコが簡略化されてズィーコ(Zico)になった。後に世界中に知れ渡るこの愛称を付けたのは従姉妹(いとこ)リンダだった(『ジーコ自伝 「神様」と呼ばれて』朝日新聞社)。

The voice of Zico resounded Wednesday in a neutral stadium in Bangkok, where the Japanese national soccer team battled North Korea. The empty stadium looked whitish.

The Japanese team came home in triumph Thursday, having scored a 2-0 victory in what surely must have been a most unusual game.


After assuring Japan's appearance in the World Cup finals in 2006, Zico said, "I am happy beyond words to be able to finally repay Japan for what it has done for me."

During his roughly three years as national team coach, there were times when his dismissal came under consideration.

But in this latest moment of victory, he must have felt strongly that his efforts were finally rewarded after struggling hard to live up to the expectations of Japanese soccer fans.


From time to time, Zico has made remarks that have left lasting impressions.

Right after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq began in March 2003, he said: "I am absolutely devastated by the thought that just when we are playing sports, people are killing each other and little kids are dying. ... I grew up in Brazil, a peaceful country, and was taught the importance of love. I want the people who are fighting this war to think once again about love and peace."


And he says in his autobiography: "I ask you not to overestimate me. All I am is a man who loves soccer. I have perhaps made more efforts and sacrifices than the average person, just so I could keep playing soccer."


Zico obviously believes in each individual striving to live up to his or her potential. I look forward to seeing such individuals coming together from around the world to compete in Germany.


--The Asahi Shimbun, June 10(IHT/Asahi: June 11,2005)

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